100 Customer Challenge

We know how effective our service is, however we want to prove this to you.

This is how the challenge works. You provide us with 100 of your customers records where their MOT, Annual Service or both are due in the next 3 months and we will process them all, for FREE.

We will then build a reminder campaign for you with all your branding and any custom designs that you may require for the reminders.

This will include texting, emailing, calling and posting reminders to your customers to create exposure of your services to them.

Remember: We can remind customers up to 8 weeks in advance and there are no limits on what we can do for you.

The real challenge is that we can prove the effectiveness of our service and how it can work alongside your existing systems as it is solely focused on your reminders process and helping make this more effective.

Finally, this challenge is COMPLETELY FREE. You have no obligation to continue once we have sent all 100 customers their reminders and their is no payment required or financial commitment.

What's Next:
Get in contact with us by calling 0208 242 4682 or click here and we can get you all setup.

  • 100 Customer Challenge
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