Fuel is fully loaded with useful features that you will be able to take advantage of once registered, below are a few key features that you may find useful.

Multiple Reminder Channels

We understand that your customer may want to dictate to you how they would like to be reminded. Due to this we allow your customers to receive a reminder by 4 channels: Text, Email, Phone Call and a Letter. It is important to know that each customer is individual and we can cater for this plus we can customise each of these reminders to fit your specific designs.

Unlimited Customers and Vehicles

There is no minimum or maximum number of customers that you are required to record details for. Fuel will scale as your business requires it, whether you need to record 100 or 10,000 we can deal with them all in exactly the same way.

Fully Automated

Once your customer record has been entered or imported into Fuel you are not required to do anything else, we will automatically remind them based on their due dates of any vehicles allocated against their account.

8 Week Notification Period

The vehicle servicing industry is very competitive now with many high street names trying to poach your customers, however you can now have the upper hand but getting in their early. With Fuel you can start reminding your customers up to 8 weeks before their due date. Imagine your customer automatically receiving a flyer 8 weeks before their due date instantly engaging with you and getting the booking in the diary.


Fuel has a reporting suite that allows you to keep an eye on all reminder/booking activity that is happening on your account. We allow you to drill down on various pieces of information allowing you to manage the best reminder solution for you. We can also give you advice on this if you require.

Data Protection

It is now very important that your customers data is kept private and secure with the ability for them to unsubscribe at any time.
As we handle personal information about individuals, we have a number of legal obligations to protect that information under those acts
For more information go to http://www.ico.gov.uk (Registration Number: PZ3317080)

Text Message Reply Functionality

When we send out our text message reminders the aim is to generate interest and for them to interact with your garage to book their next MOT or Service. We make this process easier by allowing them to reply directly to that text message reminder, with any replies emailed direct to you. Enabling you to take bookings via text message and communicate effectively with them too.

DVLA Ownership Check

Some of your customers may have sold or traded in their vehicle since the last time you saw them. We believe in this case we should alert you to the fact that this may have happened before you waste any money sending out of date reminders. This enables you to make an informed decision or directly contact the customer to see when and if their new vehicle may require servicing and essentially keep them as your customer.


Enhance your DMS or Internal system

Many of our clients already have an existing internal system or a DMS which we suggest you keep. However let us show you how we can enhance this experience and work with your current system to make the most.

Many of our clients already have a DMS or existing systems however due to the restrictions or problems they experience we control their reminders and bookings directly for them.

Cleanse your database

There is nothing worse than spending money on reminders that will never get delivered, are out of date or just failing because of poor data collection.

We can automatically cleanse your customer database so for every reminder that is sent on every channel if there are any failures or problems then these are flagged and that customer will never receive that reminder again until the information is updated, saving you money on any existing wasted reminders.

Save Time, Import your Customers

We are here to save you time and resources and understand to move to a new service you do not want to be entering every single customer record manually into Fuel.

So because we care we will happily import your customer data for free, not set format just export your records and we will do the rest for you. Instantly enabling you to take advantage of our Fuel.

Custom Design

We understand that you have worked hard to build your own brand and company logo and this is why we can custom design every reminder that is sent to your customers.

For the postal reminders you can choose from an A4 letter or an A5/A6 flyer which is printed in full colour front and back containing your headed paper or custom design. The text message and email can also be customised so if you have a certain message you would like to send then this can be catered for.

Retain Bookings


Let us help you work out the reminder schedule that works for you. This could be sending out a Letter at 8 weeks before their due date, followed by a Text Message and Email at 4 weeks and then followed by a phone call at 2 weeks before.

Respond & Engage

We allow your customer to respond to their reminder in a varieties of ways, they could reply directly to the text message (with the response emailed to you) or they could reply to their email or simply call your garage.

Giving your customers this choice allows them to respond in a way that suits them.

Book & Develop

Within Fuel you can process all your bookings allowing further communication and interaction, such as sending an appointment reminder.

Although Fuel has many features the majority of these are automatically completed for you once your account is setup, giving you the opportunity to focus on your business.

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