Whether you are an independant garage or a multi branch network or dealership we can cater for all your reminder & booking requirements and look forward to working with you.

Account Types

Self Managed

This is the most popular service that we offer. Essentially you will be in control of entering/managing your customer records and bookings within Fuel.

Once registered you will be provided with a username and password which will give you access to your account and be able to manage your customer database.

You will be allocated an account manager to help you with any questions or queries that you have along the way.

Fully Managed

We understand that the garage industry is a very busy environment and that you may not have time to manage your customer contact details.

With the Fully managed service we take care of all your paperwork associated with your customer details. This is a completely hands off approach to reminding, but you will still get all the benefits of Fuel for your garage.

This is perfect for the independant garage that focuses on their day to day business and does not have time to enter them into Fuel but still requires the benefit.

You will also be allocated an account manager to help you with any questions or queries that you have along the way.

Marketing - My Garage Reminder

Click Here to go to MyGarageReminder.com

Along with access to Fuel we can also provide you with marketing material for your garage to advertise to your customers that you are offering the service.

The benefit of this is that it will help you provide information to your customer on how their data will be stored and how their reminders will be sent to them.

We want to make sure that your customers are fully informed and have all the information that they require.

We have also setup the website to guide them through the process.

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